How Worried Is BASCAR About Possible Violence?

With all the wrecks on the track, it seems as though drivers are taking grudges into their own hands. NASCAR tries to deal with the feuds in a delicate way so that drivers and fans are happy. Points can be deducted, wins can be taken away and fines can be handed out. However, if the same driver that hit someone in the face after a wreck is back on the track the next week, what is that saying to the fan? What is that saying to the other drivers? It is saying that

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Rain Shortens Nationwide Series Race

Race car driving is a very popular sport that millions of people love watching all the time. One thing about these types of races is that they can sometimes get cancelled because of the rain. The rain can definitely be a safety factor for the drivers who are on the course with their cars. It is simply not safe for them or the audience to be around cars that could be slipping due to wet conditions. You will also be happy to know that the race car track professionals will do their best to ensure that fans

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Should NASCAR Fans Be Worried About High Alert Status?

With so many various issues occurring in the world and the United States in particular, high alerts are issued more frequently than in the past. When a major event is going to occur, the country wants people to know that they should be on alert for some sort of possible attack.

Yes, absolutely, NASCAR fans should take the high alert into account and do what they need to in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of their children. Some people might decide to watch from home instead, and others will

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Boston Bombings Puts NASCAR On High Alert

With the Boston Bombings being so fresh in the public’s mind, large event venues are on high alert. This state of alert extends to NASCAR. NASCAR typically hosts some of the largest gatherings in the country with millions of fans descending on one city during a race week. So many fans in one city can be difficult to protect. Thus, NASCAR is reevaluating its security precautions and stepping up surveillance of these large scale crowds.

NASCAR organizers also continue to rely

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Denny Hamlin Will Race For Limited Time at Talladega

Denny Hamlin drove for twenty-three laps at Talladega before turning his car over to Brian Vickers. This was the first time Hamlin got behind the wheel since injuring his back during a hard crash a month ago at the Auto Club Speedway in California.

From the Pit Road wall, Hamlin watched Vickers race. This was the first time Brian Vickers drove Hamlin’s car. Vickers raced for eighteen laps before getting involved in a crash during triggered by Kyle Busch in lap forty-two.

Hamlin started the race and was credited with the points earned at Talladega. Presently, he is

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Danica Patrick Finishes Next to Last After Early Crash

The legendary Danica Patrick, female race car driver who has become a household name and appeared in several promotions of popular products, finished 39th out of 40 in a stunning end to her last race. However, this was not merely a result of Patrick’s lack of skill. She had an early crash on the track, and as a result, she was considerably slowed down by circumstances out of her control. According to Patrick, her partner, Larson, accidentally turned her when he was attempting to realign his own car with Patrick’s rear bumper.Get more information here.

Although she finished next to last and has experienced a humiliating defeat, female race car driver Danica Patrick claims that she is fine and that people can see her in her next race in the Sprint Cup on Sunday at Talladega. Fans of Patrick across the United States will likely head out to that race to support Patrick, a woman who has become a strong idol for young girls around the world. Before you send your daughters on the road, visit for information on trusted car care coverage.